Summer is here....or is it?

Will it ever stop raining?

We remain in class bubbles for the next few weeks to limit the chance of the virus impacting our school community.  We aim to open the field as soon as we can to give the children more space during break and lunch, but it just keeps raining - making this impossible.  We are really hoping for improved weather after half-term, so that Sports day can take place.  We are sorry not to be able to invite parents this year, but are very happy that at least the children will get a Sports Day this year.  We will take photos and videos and blog as much as we can.  

We are conducting SATS style tests in Year 2 and 6, but these will be stress-free and only used for internal assessment.  Year 6 SATs week will start on June 14th and Year 2 on June 21st.  We will also be taking part in the Year 4 Multiplication Tables check in June so if you are in Year 4 get to work on those tables. 

Letters detailing your child's new class will be out after half-term and our transition plans will also be included in that letter.   

Have a fabulous half-term when it arrives and take care.

Mrs Smyth