First day at mersea

All is well (and loud) at camp! 

We all set off at 9:30am and surprisingly nobody asked to eat lunch on the coach; however we hadn't even reached Colchester before the dreaded "Are we nearly there yet?" and "I need a wee!" started! 

On arrival there was much excitement as we found our rooms and decided who was on the top or bottom bunks, although the fitted sheets definitely defeated some of us! Once sorted we had our welcome talk and a quick walk to orientate ourselves with the camp. 

After lunch, we had some free time before setting out for our first two activities; all groups will have the same activities over the course of the week. 

We have been super impressed with how brave al the children have been! Some pupils who thought they couldn't manage their activity pushed themselves and achieved something to be proud of. There has been some brilliant teamwork too, with friends helping and supporting others (especially when I needed encouragement to complete the Arial Adventure!).

Dinner of chicken and chips is about to be served and everyone is hungry after a long warm day. 

Then it's quiet activities and maybe a game of rounders if the temperature drops. 

We will try to add a brief snapshot of photos daily to the blog but will hopefully share the rest on Dropbox at the end of the trip.