Our school day

Morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups

School drop off times range between 8.40am-9.00am and are to ensure adults can socially distance effectively while on school grounds.  Pick up times are between 3.00pm and 3.20pm for the same reason.  Any changes to these times will be communicated by School Ping.

EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes

  1. Children should be brought to and collected from outside the classroom door or from the designated place on the playground.
  2. Teachers will not allow any child to leave unless they are collected by an adult known to them.
  3. Please ensure you let the teacher know in advance if your child is going to be picked up by someone different or anyone who may not be known to the teacher.
  4. Any child going home via taxi will wait in the admin area. 

Key Stage 2 Classes

  1. Children can be brought to and collected from the classroom door.
  2. We do like to encourage the children to be more independent as they get older and in Years 5 and 6 we encourage parents to wait for their children at the front or back of the school. This also reduces congestion around the side of the school. 

Our School Day – Break and lunch (under Covid restrictions)

The school day begins at 8:3 am for those children who regularly attended Breakfast club.  They should go straight to their classroom where an adult will supervise quiet reading. A free breakfast of bagels will be provided. Please note that children should not arrive before this time as the school is unable to provide supervision.  As soon as we can the school intends to restart Breakfast club which will run from 7.45am in the hall. 

  • EYFS/Key Stage 1 classes have a 15 minute morning break every day.
  • Key Stage 2 classes have a 15 minute morning break every day.

There are different assemblies throughout the week, including general knowledge and singing.  These are on hold during Covid 19 pandemic.   Currently a weekly celebration assembly is held via TEAMS.

Lunch times are currently staggered to ensure class bubbles do not mix in the hall or on the playground.  They begin at 11.40am and end at 1.30pm.