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  • 12/05/23

    SATS are OVER!!!!

    SATs are finally over! You probably are as relieved as I am to not have to discuss the subject of SATs any longer as the last test was completed today. The children have done incredibly well, they have shown excellent resilience and determination in the build up and throughout this whole week...
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  • 19/12/22


    We have finally made it! ONE MORE DAY! We have had a fantastic Autumn term in the Kangaroo class where we have learnt all about the Ancient Civilisations of Egyptians and Mayans.  Next term, our topic is 'Extreme Earth'. I have asked the children to complete some homework over the Ch...
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  • 08/11/22

    Autumn 2 /Careers Day

    We are now firmly into our second half-term of the year and the children are making excellent progress. We are still focusing on our topic of 'Ancient Civilisations' and are looking at the Ancient Mayan Civilisation in more detail. In maths, we are focusing on fractions, applying everything...
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  • 12/09/22


    Welcome back! We are already a week into the new term and the children have all settled back into the Kangaroos class incredibly well. I hope you all had an amazing 6 week holiday and you all found time to relax. It was great seeing so many of you last week at 'Meet the Teacher', if an...
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  • 18/05/22

    Well done Year Six

    So proud
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  • 01/04/22

    kew gardens and end of SPRING term!

    Another term complete! The children have been fantastic throughout practice SATs week this week. All children will be receiving their results today, and I am sure will be excited to tell you what they have achieved. I have been so impressed with all of them and every single child should be very p...
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  • 02/03/22


    We are firmly back into the swing of things after the half-term break now. The children have planned an alternate ending to the whole class reading text 'The Girl of Ink and Stars'. Each group have decided on a potential 'killer' for their ending and have been working on ways to drop...
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  • 11/02/22


    Another half-term complete, halfway through the academic year! I can't believe how quick it is going! Over the last few weeks, the children finished writing their persuasive speeches aimed at world leaders, urging them to take action against climate change. I was (and still am) so impressed w...
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  • 07/01/22


    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas break.  Our topic this term is 'Fragile Earth' which is a geography topic where we will be covering: climate zones, biomes, climate change, the effects of climate change and how we can help to reduce climate change. This is a...
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  • 17/12/21


    WE MADE IT TO CHRISTMAS! Thank you very much for your donations to the Christmas food for today and for all your gifts! We have had a great term and the progress the children have made has been incredible. I believe they have earned a well deserved break over Christmas. Our topic next term i...
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  • 09/11/21

    History off the page

    What a fantastic day yesterday! The children loved it and learned so much throughout the day. Thank you once again for the adult volunteers, we could not have done it without you. Here are some pictures of the day:
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  • 05/11/21


    Welcome back! I hope you all had a great half-term and managed to get some rest. Hopefully, this half-term will not be as disrupted by Covid-19 as the last.  Our topic is still Ancient Greece and our next writing outcome is 'Athens vs Sparta' where the children will be using comparat...
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