The summer 2021 clubs will be run in ‘Class Bubble Groups’.  You will need to apply for clubs, via our School Ping App.  If your child wishes to participate in a school club then fill in the School Ping form and submit by 10am Friday 26th March 2021.  Please fill in all sections of the form, ensuring there is an up-to-date mobile number.  You must also state if your child has any medical/allergy issues that the club leaders should be aware of and who is collecting your child after club or whether your child has permission to walk home (KS2 only).  Any information regarding clubs will be made through the School Ping app including acceptance into a club, relevant dates (e.g., BMX club) and cancellation of clubs, which maybe at short notice.  The timetable states which clubs are running, who they are for and where to meet your child at the end of the club session.  Please ensure you collect your child from the place stated on the timetable.

Clubs will begin on w/c 12th April 2021 and will finish on w/c 5th July 2021, unless stated otherwise.  Please note no clubs will be held during week 31st May - 7th June 2021 Inc. plus 3rd May & 7th June 2021 are also non pupil days.  If your child is attending a sports club, they will be expected to bring with them the kit they need to change into – If your child wears their PE kit, they must change before going home. BMX will require long sleeves and long trousers and trainers, shinpads will be required for football and appropriate footwear.  Trainers if the field is dry, football boots if it is wet.  Plimsolls are not suitable. No jewellery is to be worn and earrings are to be removed as they are not allowed to be worn during any sporting activity.  Children will not be allowed to join in if they do not have the correct clothing.  If your child is given a place on any club, they will be expected to attend every session as we pride ourselves that the majority of our activity clubs are funded by our sports premium to allow children to experience a wide range of activities without cost to the parents/carers.  Failure to attend 2 sessions (1 for BMX) will result in their place being offered to the next child on the waiting list.  We would also appreciate it if you or your child would inform us if they no longer wish to attend a club, so we can offer their place to the next child on the waiting list.

It is important that your child is aware of what to do should a club be cancelled due to weather conditions or staff illness.  The school will endeavour to contact you should this occasion arise.  We do try our hardest to contact parents or carers as soon as possible, with SchoolPing as our main communication tool. 

We try to make participation in clubs open to all, in the fairest way possible.  Therefore, if clubs are over-subscribed, we will draw names out of a hat to fill the required spaces.  A waiting list will be formed in the same manner.

If you have any questions about the clubs we are offering at the moment please speak to a member of PE staff.

With regards to Breakfast Club spaces must be pre booked and paid for using SimsPay.