Over the past few weeks, the children in Iguanas have been busy writing a story with the title 'Ruin'.  As a class, we watched a video and based our writing on the events that we saw on the screen.  We used lots of descriptive language in our story opener, using upscaled 'Tier 2' vocabulary... eg. 'massive' could be upscaled to 

gargantuan'.  We used language devices to build tension, such as short, snappy sentences, alliteration, repetition and using adverbial sentence starters.

All of our writing is now on display in our classroom (see the picture attached to this post).

We've also been learning how to use maps, the countries of North America and finding out about the eruption of Mount St Helen's in 1980.

In our Science lessons over the coming weeks, we will be learning about materials and their properties, considering why certain materials are chosen for the particular object.