We encourage all our children to wear the school's uniform.  It is not only smart and practical, but gives the children a sense of belonging and of being an important members of the school community. Our uniform is widely available and consists of:

  • Burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with white shirt/polo shirt;
  • Grey or black trousers/skirts;  
  • Burgundy and white summer dresses
  • Black flat, sturdy shoes– no open toe footwear or boots/trainer of any colour;

All children taking part in P.E./Games will need to change out of their everyday clothes into appropriately clean P.E. clothing, which provides a freedom of movement and, when necessary some protection from the weather.

  • Indoor P.E. kit - white short sleeved T shirt, black shorts and plimsolls
  • Outdoor P.E. Kit - white T shirt, black shorts/ jogging bottoms and sweatshirt for winter, plimsolls or trainers (it is important that your child has an additional pair of shoes for P.E.)
  • It would be appreciated if your child's P.E./games clothing could be available in school for their lessons. P.E. bags can be left on children’s pegs during term-time.
  • Swimming kit – One piece swimming costumes for girls (No bikinis) Swimming trunks/shorts for boys (Must be well above the knee – no Bermuda/surf/long styles allowed)

Please see the weblinks below to uniform providers or find all items in supermarkets. We strongly advise that you name all uniform items of clothing.  As you can imagine, missing items without names are extremely difficult to find.

Jewellery Please Note: Body jewellery is forbidden, however a pair of small stud type earrings is permitted, but the child must be able to take them out themselves, as no jewellery should be worn during PE/Games lessons for Health and Safety reasons. No child should have their ears pierced during term time. The taping of earrings is not permitted.

In line with our Health and Safety policy, for Outdoor Learning and swimming we require children to remove their earrings for safety reasons.  If this causes difficulty, when your child has P.E., Outdoor Learning  or swimming, please ensure that your child does not wear earrings to school.  If your child is unable to remove their earrings they will not be allowed to go swimming or take part in P.E. lessons or Outdoor Learning, all of which form part of the statutory curriculum.

https://www.classclobber.co.uk/ and https://myclothing.com/