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  • 23/05/24

    Plant Power!

    Despite the weather, we had a fantastic trip to Abberton Reservoir on Tuesday for our Plant Power school trip!
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  • 16/05/24

    Catch that Giant!

    A busy start to our week building traps to catch a giant!
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  • 10/05/24

    Fancy flowers!

    We finished our art cycle today by creating some beautifully drawn pencil pictures of flowers!
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  • 03/05/24

    Amazing Artists!

    Our foundation subject this week has been art - and what a class of artists I have!
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  • 26/04/24

    Maths and Music!

    A busy week in our maths lessons, learning to recognise equal groups, add equal groups and make arrays!
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  • 24/04/24

    Our walk to the station!

    We made it to and from the train station, using our maps!
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  • 19/04/24

    Brilliant Botanists

    Our topic this half term is Brilliant Botanists, starting this week with history, learning about John Ray and David Attenborough.
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  • 26/03/24

    Road Safety!

    This week in Jigsaw, we learnt to cross the road safely.
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  • 20/03/24

    Olaf's Mini Marathon!

    Well done to the Crocodiles for taking part in Olaf's mini marathon today, raising money to support Esther and Sophia's mummy in her marathon.
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  • 08/03/24

    Sensational Senses

    This week in science, we have been learning about our senses!
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  • 16/02/24

    Come Fly with Me!

    Our topic next half term is Come Fly with Me. Today we have had a Design and Technology day to get ourselves immersed in to the topic for after half term!
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  • 09/02/24

    Magnificent Mondrian!

    Our art work this week has been based on the work of Piet Mondrian.
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