Outdoor learning

Our Outdoor Learning sessions have a strong emphasis on developing self-esteem and independence through exploring a natural environment.  The copse provides the children with a challenging environment other than the classroom.  It can never be completely risk free — nor would we want it to be, as children soon discover, they may tumble but they also quickly realise they can brush themselves off and carry on exploring!   They begin to understand their surroundings and gain a sense of responsibility for looking after themselves, each other and their wonderful copse area.

Sessions are linked to Class Topics with activities relating to this on offer.  As Outdoor learning is very much a child led activity, the children do not have to complete these activities and may return to them as they wish.  Through outdoor play, children will learn to use their initiative, work co-operatively with others, take managed risks, develop an appreciation of nature and most of all, have FUN!

Our Copse is a very important area of our school and we are extremely lucky that within it we have a wide range of animals and plants; Snowdrop, Wild Service Tree and Muntjac Deer to name a few. 

During their sessions, the children will have the opportunities to explore, use tools (under supervision), learn about the animals and trees that are in our copse, create their own fun, use the fire pit (under supervision).

Just being with nature can help improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress or anger, help you take time out and feel more relaxed, improve your physical health, improve your confidence and self-esteem, help you be more active, help you make new connections and provide peer support.