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  • 15/01/23

    Colour and Pattern - The Rainbow Fish

    We welcomed the Bears back to school with the Rainbow Fish story and a new Colour and Pattern topic.  Rainbow Fish is a beautiful story written by Marcus Pfister, about a gorgeous, shiny, shimmering fish that discovers the joy of sharing. The children worked together to create a Rainb...
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  • 29/12/22

    Let's Celebrate - Christmas

    The Bears celebrated Christmas with the help of The Jolly Christmas Postman, written by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. In role-play, we were busy in our Christmas post office writing and posting cards, and sorting letters and parcels.  The Jolly Christmas Postman sent a letter to the Bears as...
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  • 27/11/22

    Let's Celebrate - Weddings

    This week, we celebrated the wedding of Harry O' Hay and Betty O'Barley, with the story of The Scarecrows' Wedding written by Julia Donaldson. We retold their story on our small world using the characters and some props to help us. In our role-play, we attended a wedding celebration w...
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  • 20/11/22

    Let's Celebrate - Birthdays

    This week we celebrated birthdays inspired by Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen. On small world we retold the story of Kipper's birthday and in our role-play we celebrated with a birthday tea party.  There were lots of opportunities for us to play and work together. We were p...
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  • 13/11/22

    Let's Celebrate - Diwali

    Our celebration this week was Diwali, the Festival of Lights. But through the week we also prepared paintings and poppies for Remembrance Day on Friday. We held our handmade poppies as we observed a two-minute silence during a school Remembrance assembly. To help us understand why we do th...
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  • 05/11/22

    Let's Celebrate - Fireworks

    Our topic for the second part of this autumn term is Let's Celebrate, and our theme this week - fireworks. Our role play area was transformed into a firework and bonfire scene, with pretend sparklers, cups of hot chocolate, smore's, marshmallows to toast and hats, gloves and s...
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  • 26/10/22

    Super Me!

    The Bears class filled with superheroes for our last week before the half-term holiday. We listened to the Supertato story written by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet and with perfect timing the adventures of Supertato came to CBeebies. We dressed as superheroes and used our super senses and superpower...
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  • 15/10/22

    More Fun with Funnybones

    Funnybones was back this week for more fun learning and play. The Bears have been wonderfully engaged with the story, and can sequence the events, and join in with story language.  On our writing table, we created a new page for the book, and made our own Funnybones concertina book...
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  • 08/10/22

    My Body

    This week we learnt about our bodies as we read the Funnybones book written by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We used the Funnybones story to influence our learning and experiences in different areas of our Bears classroom. On our practical table, we explored our senses, making and servi...
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  • 01/10/22

    My Home

    Our story of the week A Squash and a Squeeze, is written by Julia Donaldson. The Bears enjoyed listening to the story and were able to join in with the repetitive phrases in the book. We retold this story on our smallworld and with our construction resources we built new hom...
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  • 24/09/22

    My Family

    This week we have created and shared our own families, while reading The Large Family stories by Jill Murphy. Poor Mrs Large, she can't even have just five minutes' peace.  On our practical table, we created loose parts families, using stones, shells, leaves, sticks and pet...
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  • 18/09/22

    All About Me

    Welcome to Beckers Green Primary School and our Bears class blog. Our new Bears are quickly learning their new daily routines and building friendships. We are so pleased to see them settling into school brilliantly.  Our half-term topic as we get to know our Bears, is called All Abou...
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