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  • 11/05/24

    Come Outside - Jasper's Beanstalk

    A new topic as we start our summer term - Come Outside! Our classroom is decorated with lush green beanstalks and beautiful blossom trees.  Inspired by the blossom trees around us, we painted trees with pink and white fingerprint blossoms, and created chocolate playdough blossom tre...
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  • 27/04/24

    Traditional Tales - Little Red Riding Hood

    The Big Bad Wolf is back in our last traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Our role play transformed into Granny's cottage, and we played the character roles of Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, the Wolf and the Woodcutter. On small world we retold the traditional tale using a forest...
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  • 02/04/24

    Traditional Tales - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    No Big Bad Wolf in our next traditional tale, instead we have a golden-haired girl on the rampage, breaking furniture and eating other people's food - welcome Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Our role play transformed into Three Bears cottage. Then one morning, the Bears arrived at sc...
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  • 10/03/24

    Traditional Tales - The Three Little Pigs

    It is the second half of our Spring term and a new Traditional Tales topic. Our first traditional tale is the story of The Three Little Pigs. We discussed how a traditional tale is usually an old story that has been passed down for many years. There can be different versions, but usually some d...
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  • 21/02/24

    Colour and Pattern with Aliens Love Underpants

    Aliens who love stealing pants landed in our Bears class, as we explored the Aliens Love Underpants story written by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort. We took a small step into space to play and build our understanding through a space station role-play experience and our small world helped us to ret...
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  • 11/02/24

    Colour and Pattern with Elmer

    A parade of patchwork elephants stomped into the Bears classroom to make it bright, colourful and elephant themed. On the creative table, we covered a milk bottle with tissue paper in a patchwork effect to create Elmer. We were encouraged to think about our patchwork design and make sure...
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  • 28/01/24

    Colour and Pattern with the Rainbow Fish

    We started the spring term with a new Colour and Pattern theme and the shiny shimmering Rainbow Fish. The Rainbow Fish is a lovely story of sharing and the happiness that sharing can bring yourself and others. The story shows how difficult sharing can be and the impact that sharing can hav...
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  • 07/01/24

    Let's Celebrate Christmas

    In the countdown to Christmas, our Christmas classroom experiences were based around the story of The Jolly Christmas Postman, written by Allan and Janet Ahlberg. On small world we retold the story of the Christmas postman as he delivered greetings to the fairy-tale characters.  In rol...
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  • 03/12/23

    Let's Celebrate Weddings

    This week we celebrated weddings with repetition and rhyme in The Scarecrows' Wedding story written by Julia Donaldson. The Bears re-enacted and adapted the scarecrows' wedding story with the characters, animals and props on small world. In role-play, we dressed to c...
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  • 02/12/23

    Let's Celebrate Birthdays

    Another week and another celebration, with birthdays and the story Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen. On small world we retold the story of Kipper's birthday. The day before Kipper's birthday, he prepares his party invitations and makes a cake. He invites everyone to his party tomorr...
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  • 22/11/23

    Let's Celebrate Diwali

    The Bears celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Our role play area transformed into a bright Diwali home celebration, decorated with our colourful paper lanterns and rangoli patterns. We coloured and wrote Diwali cards for our friends, then took them to our Diwali...
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  • 15/11/23

    Let's Celebrate Fireworks

    A new half-term and a new topic - Let's Celebrate, and our first celebration experience fireworks. Our story of the week Hovis the Hedgehog by Lynda Leigh-Crawford and Lawrence David, a story about a poor hedgehog who lost his home on firework night. The Bears loved listening to t...
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