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  • 17/09/21

    Ancient greece

    In Jaguars, we are learning about ancient Greece, we will be studying different aspects of this throughout the term, at the moment we are looking at the Greek gods. We are focussing on 14 gods in particular, Zeus and some of the gods associated with him. The children are going to write their own inf...
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  • 06/07/21


    We have been writing our own limericks this week inspired by Edward Lear.
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  • 05/07/21

    Euros 2020/2021

    In class, we have been following the football with bated breath!
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  • 25/05/21

    Outdoor Learning

    We spent a rather wet morning in the copse recreating our shelters from DT!
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  • 18/05/21


    We have had a busy half-term so far!
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  • 15/03/21

    Algebraic Equations

    This week we have continued with our Algebra topic.
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  • 08/03/21

    Welcome Back

    So lovely to be back in the classroom!
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  • 02/03/21

    World Book Day 2021

    On Thursday 4th March 2021 it is World Book Day.
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  • 23/02/21


    World Thinking Day is on 22nd February every year and is celebrated by Girl Guides across the world.
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  • 09/02/21

    snow day

    We hope everyone enjoyed the snow yesterday and that everyone had the chance to get outside and play! Here are some of the Jaguars enjoying the snow!
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  • 02/02/21

    February half term

    In February half term there are 2 exciting events that you could celebrate!
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  • 26/01/21


    Our Final Week of Ratios...
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