Early Years

Our EYFS classes are the Antelopes and Bears.

The Early years foundation stage is the curriculum that we follow during your child’s first year in school. This consists of 7 learning and development areas:

Prime areas:

Communication and Language – Listening, Attention and Understanding, and Speaking

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Self-Regulation, Managing self and Building Relationships

Physical Development – Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills

Specific areas:

Literacy – Comprehension,  Word Reading and Writing

Mathematics – Number and Numerical Patterns

Understanding the World – Past and Present, People, Culture and Communities, The Natural World

Expressive Art and Design – Creating with Materials and Being Imaginative and Expressive

Our two classrooms are set up to invite, excite and empower children to learn. We have areas where children can be independent and take control of their own learning, choosing their own learning resources to complete challenges, and to engage in group activities, alongside taking part in 1:1 and small group learning tasks led by the class teacher and Learning support assistants. The two EYFS classrooms are free flow and children can cross between the threshold during free play time in the afternoons. The two classrooms share a lovely free flow outside area, where learning takes place in our outdoor classroom. Children learn to develop their physical and gross motor skills whilst learning skills such as turn taking, co-operative play and team work.

At Beckers Green we believe children learn through play and opportunities to take part in both child led and adult led activities. Children take part in a variety of learning tasks and challenges, and learn new skills to support their learning as they progress through school life.

Children learn in a safe and secure environment, which challenges and stimulates them to be the best they can be, to become independent and successful learners, not being afraid to take challenges and take risks and to be happy and confident in their first year at school.

Children take part in daily phonics lessons using the Little Wandle scheme - this includes learning the early skills of blending and segmenting and the sounds of the alphabet to begin their early reading journey and reading practice in a group with an adult looking at skills of prosody, comprehension and decoding. They are given daily opportunities to practice these skills in their day to day activities in class. Children in EYFS have continuous provision time, time to play, explore and take the lead in their own learning during the mornings and afternoons when they first start in school. As the year goes on, more formal group learning begins and is built upon, building up to more formal lessons in the mornings and continuous provision free times in the afternoon. However, play still plays an integral part of the EYFS curriculum and children will have these opportunities throughout the whole of the EYFS year.  

Children take part in twice weekly PE lessons, and also have Outdoor Learning sessions in our on site copse area throughout the year. Children learn about the great outdoors, and will build dens, explore the natural environment of the woodland, toast marshmallows on the open fire – learning how to keep themselves and their friends safe, and are often lucky enough to spot different types of wildlife – including Muntjac deer.

We truly believe that if children are happy, stimulated and excited to come to school, learning will take place and children will thrive as they spend their first year at Beckers Green.

Each year we gather parental opinion on our provision.  Below are some of the responses:

"I found the teachers and teacher assistants to be extremely kind, helpful and welcoming. They helped my little boy settle in very quickly and keep him motivated to really enjoy going to school"

"Children at Becker’s in reception are incredibly supported emotional and socially most importantly then off course this supports learning. They learn in a safe, fun and exciting area allowing them to develop and explore at their own pace. Teachers are really supportive of children’s individual needs and allow children to grow at their own pace but always pushing them to strive further! 

"Staff always go that extra mile for the children and ensure they have the best experience ever!"