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  • 22/09/23

    Welcome back!

    We have already been back for three weeks. Where has that gone?!
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  • 07/07/23

    Fun with Matisse!!

    We had an art day on Friday!
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  • 16/06/23

    Fun at the River Blackwater!!

    We had a lovely morning at the river on Friday. It was a geography/science field trip so we spent the morning bug hunting, tree spotting, map drawing, litter picking and making observational drawings of the river. Thank you to the brilliant parent helpers who came along as well. The children were...
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  • 09/06/23

    Sports Day Superstars!!

    Welcome back!! We went straight into sports day on Wednesday and the children were all brilliant! Below are just a few photos of the Elephants in action and also photos of 1st/2nd/3rd place for each event.Thank you to all parents, family and friends who came along to support.
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  • 26/05/23

    Science fun!

    We had fun with science this week!
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  • 18/05/23

    Pretty Pinch Pots

    We finally finished them.
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  • 11/05/23

    Clay time!

    Our art focus this half term has been to make our own pinch pot from clay. We have looked at what a pinch pot is, we have explored patterns and we have thought about what we would like our final piece to look like, Today we got the clay out.
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  • 04/05/23

    Marvellous medicine!!

    We are now in week 3 of our topic 'Marvellous medicine'.
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  • 24/03/23

    Sewing fun!

    Thank you to all who came to the sewing morning last Friday. The children were all able to make a wild thing. It was such a help to adult support.
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  • 10/03/23

    Andy Goldsworthy art!!!

    We had fun with natural art!
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  • 03/03/23

    Go Wild!!!

    Welcome back to the second half of our spring term.
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  • 10/02/23

    End of the term....

    We have had a short but very busy half term.
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