D.T. day

Yesterday, we received an urgent message from Dr Bradley McIntosh from the Braintree Distrcit council asking us for help. As there have been a number of earthquakes in recent weeks/months in around the Essex District, we were asked to design Seismographs to record the magnitude of an earthquake, should one happen in Braintree.

I asked the children if they were willing to help, they could not wait to get involved. Luckily, we had just been learning about Seismographs and how they have developed over time. This research helped the children design their own Seismographs. Once we had our designs, the children built and tested a prototype. We then evaluated our models and discussed how we could make them better. The children had such wonderful ideas. After we completed our evaluations, we then made a final product. All the groups were able to produce a model which could record the magnitude of an earthquake. One group took it even further and figured out how to record how long the earthquake lasted for too. Well done Iguanas!