The Iguanas have all settled in well to their new class and routines.

Welcome back to school, Iguanas! We have all settled back into the routine of school, including Mrs Sanders who is back from maternity leave. 

This term we are going to be learning all about the ancient Greeks. Our first piece of writing has been a non-chronological report. We started off by studying the features of non-chronological reports and using them in our writing, such as generalisers, 3rd person, past tense and commas in a list.  Then we started to investigate the ancient Greeks and found lots of interesting facts about them. 

Did you know?

  • The ancient Greeks used to compete naked and covered in olive oil in the ancient Olympics!
  • Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics and most women were not permitted to watch them either.
  • As a rule, men and women had to eat separately.
  • The ancient Greeks believed in many different gods, including Zeus king of the gods.

When writing our non-chronological reports, we wrote in paragraphs and separated the information into 4 different categories; Who were the ancient Greeks?, What did the ancient Greeks eat?, The Olympics and The ancient Greeks and their beliefs. 

Here are some examples of our finished writing: