Black History Month

During Black History Month we looked at the life of Katherine Johnson who was known as the Human Computer.

First, we started by researched Katherine Johnson's life and finding out why she was famous. These are some of the facts we found out about her:

- She was born in West Virginia, USA.

- She was a maths whizz.

- The school she went to was for black children only.

- She graduated from university at age 18.

- She was a maths teacher.

- She went to work for NASA and helped plan the trajectory of Apollo 11 on the moon mission.

- Her nickname was the Human Computer. 

Then we looked at the features of a biography, such as subheadings, time conjunctions, and pronouns. We wrote our biographies using the following subheadings: Early Life, Education, Career and Famous Achievements. 

Here are some examples of our biographies: