Crumble programming

This week we have started using crumbles in ICT (not ones you can eat unfortunately!)

A Crumble is a very low-cost electronics controller that connects to a computer using a USB cable. You can attach components like LEDs, buttons, and motors to the Crumble using crocodile leads, and you can program your Crumble using free software.

We started by learning how to set up a Crumble controller, connect common physical computing components such as LEDs to it, and write simple code to make each component work.

This was completely new to us all and it was really fun! 

First we started off by connecting the crumble to a sparkle (an LED flashing light).

Then we made the lights flash by using the Crumble app. 

Then we used the Crumble app to program the Sparkle to flash with different colours and different speeds.