We have had a busy half-term so far!

Since Easter, the Jaguars have been extremely busy in school.  

In Maths, we have been looking at statistics and shape — we have drawn line graphs and pie charts, which involved us using compasses and protractors. We are moving onto investigating angles on straight lines, around a point, and in triangles and quadrilaterals.

In Literacy, we started off writing a suspense story based on the short video 'Ruin' and then moved onto writing a newspaper report based on the recent eruption of La Soufriere volcano on St Vincent in the Caribbean.  We have been looking at the different grammatical styles used in these types of writing too.

In Science, our topic has been Properties and Changes of Materials.  This has been a hands-on topic with lots of experiments.  I wonder whether you can remember what we did to separate our salt water solution or how we can tell whether a change is irreversible? 

Our DT project was to design a shelter that could be used if we were the main character in one of our suspense stories.  We will be having an outdoor learning session next week when we will actually get the chance to build and test our shelters in the wind and rain!

In Geography, we learnt about maps and grid references and studied earthquakes and volcanoes, creating our own survival guides just in case we are ever caught in one!

We have also continued with all our other subjects such as ICT, PE, PSHE, Art, Spellings, Reading Skills and many more. Hopefully you have been busy telling someone all about the work we do in school!