Egyptian Setting Description

by Heather

I look upwards, the sky is a hazy purple blended with a calming, blissful blue. There’s barely a cloud in the sky, letting the suns lambent rays gaze upon Egypt. Just below the skyline , pyramids – only a few feet away from each other – stand proudly in front of me. Their lofty, formidable size dominates everything surrounding them. Around the pyramids is a village of hectic people bustling to get where they need to be. The feeling of dense, fine-grained sand beneath my feet keeps me stuck to the ground. As I look to the left, more pyramids loom menacingly over the top of me. They are covered by a thick layer of sand, making the sunset golden colour of the pyramids disappear under a blanket of bleached yellow powder. I head into the teeming village streets. The exquisite smell of mouth-watering, palatable Hawashi (Egyptian meat pie) makes my stomach rumble so I carry on down the dull, grey path. Houses were made from a terracotta-coloured brick – it is actually more on the red side, but you can still see the brownish colour mixed with red. They were quite small for houses, maybe only meant to hold 2-3 people.