First few weeks in Jaguars class

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During the first couple of weeks of this new academic year, the new Jaguars class have already proven themselves to be a hard-working, ambitious and multi-talented group of students. With all things Ancient Egyptian being the theme of this term's learning, the children were inspired by their investigations of ancient artefacts to voluntarily produce several excellent drawings for our new door and wall displays.

With the kind help of parents, this year we have arranged that each child has their own copy of the set book, 'Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos'. In combination with weekly homework, this means children will be much better able to develop both their independent reading skills and their reading stamina. Other new initiatives, such as Reading Ambassadors, Reading Prefects and the Classic Book Olympics, will make this year an especially big and exciting one for reading all round.

In their maths lessons, the children have been going over place value and calculations to do with multiples of 10. Dance movement is the current focus of PE lessons. In their design technology project, the class have produced some excellent designs for an Egyptian sarcophagus. which they will make in 3D (and have the option of filling with their own mini mummies!).