February half term

In February half term there are 2 exciting events that you could celebrate!

The first of these is on Friday 12th February 2021 and is the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is also called the Lunar New Year and the celebrations will last until the next full moon. The Chinese thought that every year at the start of a new year a monster would attack villages and towns so they used fireworks, loud noises and the colour red to frighten him away! Today the Chinese still celebrate the new year with fireworks and the colour red. They also have a lantern festival where everyone makes paper lanterns and carry them through the streets sometimes accompanied by a large dancing dragon!

If you want to make a lantern of your own during half term here is a link to some instructions:


Then on Tuesday 16th February 2021 it is Shrove Tuesday, which is also known Pancake day! Shrove Tuesday is traditionally the feast day before the start of the 40 days of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday and continues until Easter. Lent is normally a period of giving up something that you really enjoy eating such as sweets or chocolates.  People would enjoy eating the pancakes with sweet toppings and ensuring that they had no temptations left in the house during Lent.

What toppings do you like on your pancakes? My favourite is golden syrup with lemon juice! My children all enjoy chocolate spread on theirs!

Here is my recipe for making pancakes (these are thin crepe like pancakes):

4oz plain flour

pinch of salt

1 egg

1/2 pint of milk

Mix well together and leave to stand for about half an hour before cooking.

Hope you enjoy making a lantern and eating pancakes! I know that we will doing both of these activities during half term.