Our topic this term has been 'Survival' in the Kangaroo classroom. The children appear to be loving this topic so far, this can be seen clearly from the high level of writing they have produced. In English, the children have written a suspenseful narrative using the video 'Ruin' which involves a character's fight for survival in a deserted city; the enthusiasm and quality of work produced for this has astounded me. We have also been writing a newspaper report about the volcanic eruption, which happened in April, on the island of St Vincent; the children have found it fascinating that this has not made headline news, yet the devastation has been huge. 

The book we are currently studying during reading skills is 'Wonder'. Many of the children were aware of this book prior to beginning it and some have already seen the film. I believe the children are really enjoying this book, especially as it deals with some complex issues, some of which they will be facing as they make the transition to secondary school.

More recently, we have been focusing on some SATs practise for our 'mini SATs' which will be taking place on the week beginning 14th of June.

Thank you for the pictures which have been sent in of the children for leaver's assembly, if you have not sent them into us yet then please try to as soon as possible.

Mr Butler