We are firmly back into the swing of things after the half-term break now. The children have planned an alternate ending to the whole class reading text 'The Girl of Ink and Stars'. Each group have decided on a potential 'killer' for their ending and have been working on ways to drop subtle hints such as flashbacks and overhearing conversations. I have been very impressed with the work produced so far, and I am looking forward to reading their finished pieces next week.

In maths, we have been looking at calculating area, specifically the area of a triangle and then moving onto the area of a parallelogram. We have also been practising our problem-solving and reasoning each day.

Throughout science lessons, we have been looking at our topic of 'Evolution and Inheritance' which has linked nicely to our topic on 'Fragile Earth'. The children have been able to apply what they learned about the different biomes in 'Fragile Earth' to 'Evolution and Inheritance' as they have been able to explain how animals have adapted through natural selection to survive in the different environments. 

A Reminder that tomorrow is World Book Day.