Mersea Day 4

It has been a very full day today! 

We had a very full on day today; each group had 4 activities and then after dinner we all competed in 'It's A Knockout' as a whole school. 
During the day we had activities such as; paddleboarding, archery, climbing, Giant swing, and pedal carts.

The giant swing was a new activity for all us and some of us coped better with it than others! I was definitely a screamer as Mrs Barefield can vouch for! The photos of this activity have caught some very interesting facial expressions! Climbing was a brilliant teamwork activity with the children belaying each other to the top of the wall and supporting each other all the way. Archery was brilliant and everyone managed to hit the target, even me! Pedal carts was so much fun; although we definitely know who to avoid when they are old enough to drive for real! 
After dinner, we went out to the field to compete in 'It's A Knockout' which is lots of different races on inflatables. It was lots of fun with balls and people flying everywhere! 
Then afterwards, we came back into the lodge for awards evenings. The children were so supportive of each other and knew exactly who each award was going to. Then we had a final sing-song, and it was time for bed (even if not all of us had got the memo!). 
Tomorrow, after breakfast we have swimming in the outdoor pool, not sure if I am going to brave it as the weather is not quite as sunny as it was at the being of the week! But, I am sure the children will all be in there!