Dragonball is a multi-skill sport where players use their hands and feet to kick, throw and pass the Dragonballs in teams to score goals

This was an exciting opportunity for us to learn a new sport.  Dragonball is a fat-paced game that uses 7 balls.  There are two teams and two goals.  The idea is basically to use your hands or feet to kick, throw or pass the dragonballs between your teammates to try to get as many balls as you can in the opposition's goal without losing your 'tail'.  Once the ball is in the goal it stays there until there are no balls left in play.  The winner is the team with the most balls in the back of the net.  There is always a winner, never a drawn match.

Twelve children took part today and had a wonderful time.  This is certainly an energetic game and staff and children thoroughly enjoyed it.