Wilderness Foundation

Ten children from EYFS visit The Wilderness Foundation at Chatham Green

Savannah, Harper, Blake, Kaio, Chase, Edward, George, Bella, Sienna and Esther all donned their wellies for a day in the Wilderness!

The Wilderness Foundation may only be a 15-minute drive away from school in Chatham Green but surrounded by green fields and woodland, blue skies and birds circling above your head, you could be miles away from civilisation.

The children were super excited as we boarded the minibus for our adventure.  A short while later we'd arrived and soon were walking through long grass on a journey to a woodland area.  Once in the wood, we came across a pond, where the children were shown how to pond dip safely.  Each child had a turn to dip the net into the water and see what insects they could find: flat worms, blood worms, pond skaters, water fleas, snails, whirligig beetles to name but a few - the children loved this activity.

Later in the morning, we had a chance to do some forest art.  One group chose to make a butterfly and the other a deer, using natural items that were found on the forest floor.  The children also got to experience a composting toilet - they seemed intrigued that you didn't have to 'flush' the toilet but instead sprinkle bark and wood chippings instead!

After a good handwashing, it was time for lunch, and we'd definitely worked up an appetite.  The children were allowed a little bit of free time to mingle with children from the other schools before setting off again into the woodland to try Den Building.  Using tarpaulins and ropes the groups had to make a waterproof structure large enough to fit the whole group under.  The instructor then tested how good it was with a bucket of water!

Thank you to Mrs Chandler for accompanying us on this trip.