KS1 - London's Burning

House after house destroyed as fire sweeps through row

Crocodiles, Dolphins and Elephants enjoyed a morning of Outdoor Learning to support their work on the Great Fire of London.  The three classes came out individually.  One class had to light the fire using flint and steel.  The children used their senses, thinking of adjectives to describe what they could hear, smell, feel, taste and what it would be like if they were to touch the fire.  This class were then using the vocabulary to write their own poem.  Another class made paper houses and then linked them together with lolly sticks, we propped these up by the fire pit.  Carefully, they set fire to the end house and watched as the wind spread the flames to the neighbouring houses until the whole row burned to the ground.  Finally, the remaining class had to form a 'human chain' and transport the water from the River Thames (a bucket) to the fire to extinguish it!