All about me

The first couple of weeks have flown by as the new herd of Antelopes start getting used to new places, and lots of new faces!

The Antelopes have been working hard to get into their new school routine, and are doing a great job of remembering expectations. Everyone knows what colour team they are in, and where they sit at their tables, and on the carpet.

Before breaktime, the Antelopes wash their hands and go to snack when they want to, and are very good at pouring their drinks now!


Our topic this half-term is All About Me, we've been focusing on this using lots of fun activities, including using shapes, playdoh, and natural objects to make faces.

We named features on our own faces, then tried to include the right number of features in our creations!


The Antelopes have also been trying really hard with phonics. So far we have practised s, a, t, p, i, n, and m, and we have been using items linked to each day's letter to do this!



We've also been doing lots of practise with our numbers. We enjoyed sorting numbered pegs into the right order, and matching them to our numbered cards.


The Antelopes had lots of fun painting their self-portraits and tracing over Miss Wheatley's yellow letters to write their names.