Let's Celebrate Fireworks!

During the Autumn term the Antelopes enjoyed finding out about - and taking part in - different festivals and celebrations!

Our first celebration was Firework night! We turned our role-play area into a cosy campfire and firework scene. We worked as a team to create a beautiful firework background for our area using chalks and glitter on black paper.

We dressed up in hats, gloves and scarves, and pretended to toast marshmallows (cotton wool on sticks), eat smores (cardboards and cotton wool) and drink pretend hot chocolate. We also used our pretend sparklers to get in the bonfire night spirit!

We also got creative, making lots of firework inspired art using chalk, paint, computers, even cardboard tubes and salad spinners!

We finished off our fireworks week by icing and decorating firework biscuits which we enjoyed with a drink of (warm) hot chocolate whilst watching a firework display on the screen.

Finally, we listened to the Royal Firework music by Handel, and Firework by Katy Perry and drew firework inspired shapes onto our pen disco paper which took up the whole carpet!