Let's Celebrate - Christmas!

Cards and stockings, snowmen and jars - look at how the Antelopes celebrated Christmas.

We are the Antelopes class - or should that be the Reindeer class? And who is the new member of the class with a cheeky grin and pointy ears?  

It's Elfie - that's what we decided to name our class Elf who appeared on December 1st in our class. Elfie got up to all sorts of mischief including joining in with lots of our activities! She even made a tiny reindeer hat!


Our book to base our Christmas work on was 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We recreated a Jolly Christmas Postman scene in our small world area, and had lots of fun retelling the story. We also created different vehicles for the Jolly Postman and his sack of letters, and postboxes in construction.


We used photos from catalogues to make lists of things we wanted for Christmas, and used them to choose our favourite toy and write a letter to Father Christmas asking for it. We wanted to ask nicely, so said 'please' and 'thank you', and posted them in our class postbox ready for Elfie to take to the North Pole for us!

The Antelopes had lots of fun being creative, making snowmen out of different materials, and decorating Christmas jars to put tea lights in. We printed Christmas shapes onto tissue paper to wrap our jars in so we could bring them home as presents.

We hope you liked them!

We also did lots of Christmas themed maths activities, including making repeating pattern candy canes, ordering numbered baubles, and ordering paper strips by length to make a Christmas tree picture.


Oh and we also grew some candy canes from special elf seeds that Elfie brought in for us. She wrote a letter saying we needed to plant them in a bowl of sugar and sing Christmas songs to them to help them grow. Over the next couple of weeks they did grow into mini candy canes, then into full sized candy canes just in time for us to each take one home on the last day of term!

We also made a gift for Santa's reindeer - a little bag of reindeer food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve! We carefully followed the instructions to make a tasty treat for the reindeer to eat!

To finish our Celebrations topic, and our first full term at school, we had a class party! We enjoyed lots of yummy party food, dancing, games and pass the parcel!