The Enormous Turnip!

We enjoyed listening to the story of 'The Enormous Turnip' and had fun retelling and re-enacting it with our friends!

After watching a version of this traditional tale we retold it in the small world area......

 .....coloured and labelled a picture of all the characters.......


.....then dressed up and wore masks to re-enact the story with our friends while Mrs Smith videoed us! Great teamwork Antelopes!


Phew, that was hard work!

So we made machines to help pull up the Enormous Turnip and turnip-moving machines!



We used vegetables to print with.......

....and created our own vegetable scene showing veggies under the ground, and above it. We gradually built up our scene over the week and painted, printed, drew, cut and crayoned to create realistic looking veggies! We looked at photographs of vegetables growing to help ud with details. Mmmmm. They look good enough to eat!



In the story they made turnip soup, but we used a few more vegetables to make a tasty (or not so tasty) soup. We peeled and chopped the vegetables carefully then borrowed Mrs Chandlers' soup making machine to turn it all into soup.

Some of us loved it and had second helpings, some of us were not so keen!