All About Me

We are the Antelopes!


A new herd of Antelopes join Beckers Green School!


We started our first term at school with the topic 'All About Me'.

We painted portraits of ourselves and practised tracing over and starting to write our names......


We used a variety of different materials to make faces and people including playdough, natural materials, shapes and construction materials. 





We started to get more familiar with our classroom and our school, learning our way around and getting used to routines. We played schools at our small world area where we put chairs and tables into the classroom - red, yellow, green and blue - just like in our real classroom! We put our own mini me block into the classroom then added in the mini me's of our new friends we have made in Antelopes class. We halos made our own tables and chairs from wooden blocks.

Don't we look smart in our new school uniform! We chose pieces of uniform and practised our cutting and sticking skills to make these pictures.



We looked at our school logo and made our own Beckers Bee using playdough and collage materials     


We drew the people that live in our houses with us and made a 'family portrait' using play people to show the members of our families.

One of our construction activities was to make a Mobilo vehicle for a family of Playmobil people. 


We drew a picture on the front of a card to send home to our families. Inside our cards we traced or wrote our names and used our knowledge of phonics to choose the word cards we needed.


One of the stories we looked at was 'A Squash and a Squeeze' where an old man tells an old woman to bring her goat, hen, pig and cow into her house. We had fun retelling the story at the small world area. It definitely looks like a squash and a squeeze in the wooden house, doesn't it!


We then made houses from wooden blocks, lollysticks, playdough and 2d shapes, and drew our homes. 


We even practised our counting skills using houses by putting on the correct number of windows.


These are our patchwork houses that we drew, painted and collaged........

.....and here are our paper shape houses that made a colourful display for our small world area.

What a super start to the school year in the Antelopes class!