See what fun the Antelopes had  with the Janet and Allan Ahlberg book 'Funnybones!'

We started by reading and watching the story about the Big Skeleton, the Little Skeleton and the Dog Skeleton.

We joined in with the parts of the story we could remember, and found our favourite page in the book and explained why we liked that part of the story best.

We also made our own 'Funnybones' concertina books by sequencing pictures from the story, then we used these to help us act out and retell the story at the small world area.


In the story, the skeletons visit the park and the zoo on their nighttime adventure.

We thought about other places the skeletons might like to visit to find somebody to scare! We had some very creative ideas!


One of our favourite parts of the story was when the Dog Skeleton chased after a stick that the Big Skeleton had thrown for him, but he crashed into a tree and fell apart. The skeletons tried to fix him back together again, but they got in a bit of a muddle and kept putting the bones in the wrong places! We made model people from Popoids then muddled up the arms, legs and head!


We put together jigsaws of our own faces, made funny faces using parts of different people's faces, and drew funny features onto photographs of ourselves. 


The story inspired us to create skeletons from different materials including cotton buds, playdough, pasta and natural materials such as pieces of wood.

We looked at pictures and model skeletons to help us create life-like skeletons and put together laminated bones to see how the bones are organised inside our bodies.


We each drew a skeleton with white chalk on black paper.

You can see we have included lots of details.


As well as finding out about our skeletons, we also thought about our bodies and had fun using our senses to explore!

Here we are making and smelling different flavours of fruit teas.

We used our muscles to grind up coffee beans, juice citrus and used a pestle and mortar to crush herbs. Some of us liked the smells and tastes, but some of us definitely did not!


We used our sense of hearing when we played listening games. For the game 'Soundtracks' we listened carefully to sounds and if we had a photo of what made the sound we could cover it with a counter. We also tried to try to guess what had been sealed inside plastic eggs. We shook them and listened carefully before matching the eggs to a photo of what we thought was hidden inside.


We helped each other to measure how tall we were. We made a mark on the wall then measured this and cut a piece of wool the same length.

I wonder how much the Antelopes will have grown when we measure again in the Summer term!