We finished our 'All About Me' topic with a superhero theme, based on the book 'Supertato' where Supertato has to rescue various veggies from the Evil Pea! 


The story takes place in a supermarket where the Evil Pea has started being very mean to the other vegetables. Luckily, Supertato is there to defend his friends and make sure the Evil Pea stops his evil ways!

We retold the story at our small world area - complete with a mini fridge for Supertato to trap the Evil Pea inside!


After listening to and watching the story of 'Supertato' we were inspired to make our own Supertato characters from playdough and collage.......

......and paper....

We looked carefully at pictures of Supertato in the book to add details to our creations, and used the ipads to take our own photographs.  


We also made our own superhero vegetables using our choice of veg that we had brought in from home. Don't they look super!

Can you spot the Super Potatoes here? Look closely and you will see a Super Butternut Squash, a Super Pumpkin, a Super Orange, a Super Parsnip and a Super Aubergine as well as Super Carrots and Super Sweet Potatoes! We had lots of fun adding features and superhero masks, belts and of course capes to our veggies!


One of our fine motor jobs was to free plastic vegetables that the Evil Pea had trapped in masking tape. Before we freed them, Miss Wheatley took photographs which we then used in our writing. We thought about what the trapped veggies might say, and what our Super Vegetables might say as they came to rescue them. Super Veggies to the rescue!

We wore superhero capes while we did our writing and used superhero pencils to do some really super writing! We even used our x-ray vision so we could read the secret messages Miss Wheatley had hidden on our paper! Well, the UV torches helped us a bit too! We found our names and some tricky words we have been learning in phonics. 


Look at the Evil Peas we made - they look ready to cause trouble, so we made traps to stop them being mean to the other vegetables!


Outside we scooped peas out of water and even mashed them!


The Evil Pea was a bit naughty in our classroom when he took all of our sounds and hid them around the room! We were super sound spotters as we checked they were all there, crossing them off on our clipboards as we found them. Thank goodness we found them all!

We also spotted hidden shapes and numbers with our super sharp vision!


Then we used our super hearing to listen to sounds as we walked around the school grounds.  


We needed to go to the Superhero Training Camp in our outside area to get fit and strong......

........and we practised our superhero poses! Can you identify who each of these Super Antelopes are?


We practised writing our superhero names and wrote about what superpowers we would like to have if we were superheroes. Super writing!


We did some super colouring on these superhero outlines, then cut out and stuck on a photograph of ourselves to turn us into superheroes.,,,,,


......and these superheroes were made from lollysticks and collage materials. 

We made some Mega Block skyscrapers and city scapes so our lollystick heroes could practise flying!


Here are some Mobilo vehicles that we made for superhero Playmobil people to travel in when they want a rest from flying.

Some of them even transformed into different vehicles!


What a super end to a super first half term in EYFS!