Let's Celebrate - Fireworks!

We started our 'Let's Celebrate' topic with a bang! And a pop, whizz, fizzle and lots of other fireworks sounds and sights!

Our role play area became a bonfire scene where we could toast pretend marshmallows around the pretend bonfire and drink cups of pretend hot chocolate with our friends. We chose a hat, scarf and gloves to keep us warm and sat on comfy cushions. To make it look like a real fireworks night scene, we worked as a class team to create the background for the wall display. We started with black paper for the night sky and used chalks and glitter to create colourful and sparkly firework patterns!

What a perfect backdrop for our bonfire party!

We used wooden skewers and strips of foil to make pretend sparklers that are safe for us to use, even inside!


On the small world area we watched fireworks with our friends in the Antelopes class.

We stood our mini me blocks around the fence near the bonfire so they would be safe.


After looking at firework pictures, photographs and videos, we were keen to make our own firework art. We made different patterns in trays of colourful glitter and sand and used chalks on chalkboards..........

.......and traced over patterns using felt tip pens.......

.....and created our own fireworks scenes with chalks on black paper.

We created these amazing firework pictures using a salad spinner! We dripped paint onto a circle of black paper inside the spin then used our muscles to turn the handle around, spinning the paint inside. When we opened the spinner a colourful firework picture had appeared!


These pictures were created with cardboard tubes that had been cut at the end. We dipped them in the paint then printed onto black paper.

We used photographs of real fireworks to help us create some of our firework art, like these playdough and bead fireworks!


This week we had our first session in the ICT suite and used the Paint 3d programme to create these beautiful fireworks. We used the mouse to select the colours and tools we wanted to use and explored the different effects that the different tools created.

We even did some firework art on biscuits!

We ate them and had a warm hot chocolate on the carpet as we listened to Handel's 'Music for the Royal Fireworks' and watched a real fireworks display. We didn't even need to wrap up warm in hats. gloves and scarves to watch this display!


We wrote about the fireworks we had seen and heard on Bonfire Night, or ones we had seen on the big screen on the classroom. 


We looked at the story of 'Hovis the Hedgehog' and how his home was destroyed on Bonfire Night. Luckily he did find a new home in the end.

We made model hedgehogs from playdough, googly eyes and penne pasta.......

.....and in construction we made homes for hedgehogs and other woodland creatures to keep them safe and warm in the cold Autumn nights.......