Let's Celebrate - Birthdays!

The Antelopes enjoyed a week of fun birthday-themed activities based on the Mick Inkpen book 'Kipper's Birthday'.


After reading the story 'Kipper's Brithday' we created a party scene on our small world area and added props and the characters from the story so we could set up the party for ourselves and retell it using the story cards. 

We talked about and wrote about our experiences of our own birthdays and going to birthday parties.


Our role play area also became a birthday scene.

But before we could go to the party, we needed to get ready!

We used our phonic skills as we wrote lists of things we thought we would need to set up a party......

.....and each painted a patterned triangle to make colourful bunting.......

We made and wrote birthday cards.......

.......printed our own tissue wrapping paper, and worked with a partner to wrap a present to take to the party. We needed to work as a team to wrap, hold and stick the paper.


We had explored colour mixing this week so mixed either red and yellow, yellow and blue or blue and red paint on our hands to print a headband to wear to the party.


After all our hard work preparing for the party, we had a great time celebrating with our friends. W e had fununwrapping presents, singing Happy Birthday, and cutting and eating the pretend cake! 



Our fine motor activities this week were all birthday themed......


....and we were very busy creating cakes from all sorts of different construction materials (Interstar, Sticklebricks, Multilink and wooden blocks) plus sand and playdough, which we decorated with candles and sprinkles.

Luckily we didn't have to eat any of these cakes!


Even our maths activities were birthday-themed! 

We put numbered birthday cards and cakes in order......

.......carefully counted birthday items by crossing off each item as we counted......

.....and used Numicon, 10's frames, Unifix and candles to show the numbers shown on the numbered birthday candles.


We had been practising forming numbers in trays of sprinkles, and used this in a labelling activity. 

We sorted out the contents of a party bag into different groups of items that were the same, then counted the number of party treats in each set and wrote a label for it.

We used the number line to find the number we needed to copy. 


We also filled party bags with the correct number of items shown on the birthday card.


In this game we rolled a dice, subitised the amount by looking at the dots rather than counting them. and showed the number on our fingers, with counters in a 5's frame, and with candles in a playdough cake.


What a busy birthday week!