Let's celebrate - Weddings!

We continued our celebrations theme with Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay in 'The Scarecrows' Wedding' by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.


In the story, Betty and Harry, who are scarecrows on a farm, decide to get married.

We re-created their farm on our small world area, along with all the characters from the story and props so we could act it out. 


Betty and Harry start preparing for their big day, by making a list of items they need to collect from around their farm.

We made lists too......

and collected wedding items.......though not from a farmyard!

Our number this week was 5, so we did lots of counting up to 5, using wedding themed-items from the story. We showed 5 in a 5's and 10's frame, with Numicon, Unifix, the 5 Numberblock character, dice, number beads and number lines and fans.

We put 5 rings on gloves filled with flour - one on each finger, and used tweezers to put 5 pompom 'sweets' into a favour bag. 

We also practised writing the number 5 in trays of coloured rice.


We put together scarecrow jigsaws......

......designed our own scarecrows from natural loose parts.........

.........and used fabric scraps to collage wedding outfits for Betty and Harry to wear!


We pretended that Betty and Harry had invited us to join them at their wedding and wrote acceptance cards. In our phonics sessions we have been learning the tricky words 'I', 'to' and 'the', which we needed in our writing. We found the correct wordcard we needed, then wrote it from memory or copied it carefully. We chose from different wedding pictures and used our cutting and sticking skills to create a design for the front.


We turned our role play area into a wedding celebration. There were already plenty of decorations there from our other celebrations, but we added these beautiful tissue paper flowers.  We carefully folded layers of tissue paper then gently pulled them apart to separate the petals. Perfect to decorate the wedding venue!


In construction we made Mobilo cars to get the bride and groom to the wedding on time......


.......and in fine motor activities we used hole punches to make pastel paper confetti......


.......made necklaces from colourful 'Links' and threaded Cheerio rings onto sticks.


We had already had some experinece of cake making from our Birthdays week, but this week needed to build cakes with several tiers. We had some wibbly wobbly moments, but by the end of the week were experts at stacking up tiers of 'cake', trying to remember to start with the largest and work up to the smallest to avoid cake collapse!


These cakes were made from layers of playdough. We rolled out the playdough then used cutters to make a tier and stacked them up. We topped them with 'sparklers'!


At last it was the day of the wedding!

We loved dressing up in our best clothes to celebrate Betty and Harry's special day!