Traditional Tales - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Our next story was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We sorted through our traditional tales books to find different versions of the story........

.......and listened to and watched some versions of the story so we were familiar with the order of events and some of the phrases in the story. We then sequenced events on the class story mountain and on our own storymaps. After we had helped to create a class storymap, we annotated our own copies with words from the story.


The Antelopes enjoyed acting out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in our role-play area.

We had big, medium and small sized bears. chairs, bowls, beds.......and matching plates, cups and spoons!


We could also retell the story at the small world area in the Three Bears' cottage.


We thought about the setting of the story - the woods and the cottage where the Three bears lived. After looking at illustrations of the cottage in the different books, we used these ideas, plus our own ideas, to paint our own cottages complete with pretty flowers.


Next we thought about the characters in the story. We used playdough and collage and natural objects to create these bears.......

.....and here are our Goldilocks faces.


We made a paper plate Goldilocks and bear each and stuck them onto a stick back to back so we could change between the characters!


We needed to do lots of careful cutting to make these puppets, and learnt how to use split pins to join the arms and legs onto the bodies.


We talked about the actions of the characters in the story and whether or not they had made good choices. We thought that Goldilocks had made quite a few bad choices when she wandered off and went into someone else's house. 

We thought it would be a good idea to make some traps to catch naughty Goldilocks!


But we also thought Goldilocks should try to make it up to the bears by writing a sorry letter. Some of us suggested Goldilocks should offer to mend the chair or buy a new one, or even offer to make some porridge!


Of course, porridge is very important in this traditional tale, so we did lots of porridge-themed activities. Here we are putting 10 spoonfuls of porridge oats into a bowl and using tweezers to search for 10 Gummy Bears hidden in oats to put into a Numicon piece 10. We also learnt to use capacity words such as full, empty and half full, and scooped porridge oats into containers to match the labels. We thought that the 'empty' container showed what Baby Bear's porridge bowl looked like after Goldilocks had eaten it all up!


We were keen to try real porridge. For some of us it was just right and we ate it all up!


Afterwards we wrote about what topping we had had on our porridge and described what we thought of it. 


We also made some porridge bowls for the bears.



We found lots of things to make in our construction area, all inspired by the story.

We made a variety of furniture for the bears, including a new chair for baby bear!

First we made Sticklebrick tables for the bears then tested them out to see if they were strong enough to hold the bowl and spoon we had made from playdough. We also made furniture from Lego, Megablocks and wooden blocks, and made bridges for the bears from lollystick and cotton reels.


After making chairs from construction materials, we made chairs from junk modelling materials. We used food packaging boxes, cardboard, masking tape and old gluestick lids to make the legs!



Next we thought about beds. We used Numicon for the base, topped with foam blocks for the mattress and finally cosy covers to keep our bears warm.

Night night! These beds look just right! 



In the story, Goldilocks tests out the chairs and beds to see if they are comfy. Some were too hard, some too soft, some just right. We tested out some things we found around our classroom and sorted them depending on whether they felt hard or soft. The hard things went into the hard tray and the soft things onto the soft cushion.


We thought we should make some stairs, so that Goldilocks could get upstairs to test the bears' beds. We arranged wooden bricks starting with a small block and found larger blocks or stacked them up the make the staircase. Goldilocks then tried them out!


Outside we made some large scale chairs and stairs from wooden blocks and the Plasbrics, as well as some bear caves!


In maths we were also building staircases - noticing that numbers were in order - increasing by one each time. We copied the Numberblock characters and put these into order from the smallest to the largest. As Goldilocks climbed up our staircases we counted up, and as she climbed back down we counted back. We also played a game where our partner muddled up the order of the characters or took one away, then challenged us to put them back into order or guess which number was missing.


Here we were sorting objects from the story into big, middle-sized and small, and we measured them using Unifix cubes.

Our Number Ninja number was 11 so we counted out 11 bears, and made 11 little playdough bowls for them!