Let's celebrate Diwali

The most part of our week was spent learning about Diwali the Hindu festival of Lights, but on Thursday the children held the poppies we made to observe a two minutes silence during a remembrance assembly. To help us understand why we do this, we watched the CBeebies poppy animation and listened to the beautiful story Where the Poppies Now Grow. We also created poppies which are proudly displayed in our windows.

In phonics this week we learnt the sounds, x, y, z and zz. To practise writing our sounds, we have written x six times on a box, dipped a paintbrush in a yolk (yellow paint), trotted a zebra along a zip and arranged fuzzy pom poms on a zz.

We started our week writing a recount of firework night. We wrote about what we could see, hear and how we felt. The children are really started to develop their writing skills and our pencil grip and letter formation are improving.

In maths, we are developing our counting skills to enable us to identify how many there are in a set that cannot be subsitised (how many by just seeing). We found that moving objects (1-1 correspondence) helped us and with bigger objects in the classroom like windows and doors, we could point. We also learnt that different sorts of things can be counted, including sounds. On our maths station we made rangoli patterns with 2d shapes.

We have loved learning about Diwali in the Bears class this week. The children have really embraced the role play and small world areas of the classroom. The oral story telling of the Rama and Sita story has been superb. In our creative area we have practised cutting while making paper lanterns, created diva lamps with clay, coloured small rangoli patterns with pastels and created large chalk rangoli patterns outside. We also showed off our letter formation and name writing practice in our Diwali cards. It has been a special week.



We continue to enjoy the copse in our outdoor learning sessions on Thursday afternoons. "Mrs Jones we held worms", were the cries around the classroom at the end of the afternoon. What a wonderful experience for them all!