Under the Sea in Bears

This week, we have continued our learning about the Rainbow Fish. Our classroom now looks colourfully aquatic. The Bears love to see a new display of their work, and they always say such lovely things about their classroom.


In the writing area we wrote wonderful descriptions of the Rainbow Fish. We are great at thinking of our sentence and holding it in our heads to write it. We are thinking really carefully about our letter formation, and we are using our phonics to write our sentences.

To decorate our class Rainbow Fish, each child thought about why they were special and wrote an 'I am special because...' fish scale. I have shared these to Tapestry, they really are very lovely. 

In phonics, we have learnt the or, ur, ow, and oi sounds. The new sounds have been added to your child's keyring. Please keep practising at home. 

In maths, our activities have underlined the purpose of counting - to find out 'how many' there are altogether. The children have reinforced their understanding of cardinality - that the last number in the count tells us how many, and they have practised their 1:1 correspondence skill by counting at the same time as moving or tagging objects.

The creative area has been busy preparing for our classroom underwater display. We have painted, printed, sculptured, textured, coloured and glued, using pastels, clay, paint and pencils. We have named the colours we have used and have tried to make different patterns in our work. 

Next week in our colour and pattern topic, we will be learning through the story of Elmer.