The Aliens Are Stealing Underpants

This week we stepped into space with our story of the week 'Aliens Love Underpants'. Our role-play transformed into a space station and on the small world we have retold the story with aliens, rockets and a washing line of pants.

On Monday we wrote our weekend news in our writing books.  We have also written and drawn space words using the magic screens and chalkboards with chalk.

In handwriting this week, we worked on the correct formation for the letters m, h and b. Our careful handwriting practice is really showing in our sentence writing now. 

In phonics, we have revisited ur, ow (in cow), ow (in elbow) and oi. We were excited to practise our phonics using the interactive board to sort the words into real (astronaut) words and alien words. 

In our carpet maths sessions we have continued to recognise that whole objects have parts through the action song 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'. Then we used stem sentences to recognise parts of our bodies: My leg is a part of me and the whole of me is Mrs Jones. We moved this learning on to identify parts of some animals' bodies. Continuing our understanding of the composition of numbers, we investigated ways to compose and de-compose sets of 2 and 3. 

Our space theme has given us a super opportunity to name and describe shapes as we build rockets and spaceships.

Our space creative work looks great displayed around our role play area. We have colourful painted aliens, patterned pants and paper plate spaceships flying around the classroom. We have also made play dough aliens with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, beads and a pair of pants!

Next week we continue our journey into space for our last week before the half-term holiday.