Pancakes, World Book Day and More

It has been an incredibly fun but busy week for the Bears.

At the beginning of the week, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with pancake races, and we found out that flipping pancakes is not that easy! Later in the day we warmed fresh pancakes (not the ones used in the pancake races earlier), added our favourite toppings and ate them. 

On Thursday's World Book Day, the Bears were replaced by superheroes, Disney princesses, a scarecrow, Elmer, a unicorn, Frozen characters, Red Riding Hood, Mary Poppins, a ballerina, Wally, Woody and even an enormous crocodile. I love books and the Bears love listening to stories - it was perfect! We even had the Big Bad Wolf read us a story from home. The Three Pigs were very pleased about that!

We have continued our Three Little Pigs theme as part of the Traditional Tales topic, with the children reading and sequencing sentences from the story. We have also illustrated and written our own Three Pigs story books. 

Over the last two weeks, we have listened to many different Three Pigs stories. Many of the stories are traditional - the big bad wolf is an angry fellow who huffs and puffs and blows down other people's houses. But we have also heard from the wolf about how it is all a misunderstanding as he just needed a cup of sugar, and he really wants to be friends. On Friday the class voted for which characters they believed - the wolf or the three pigs. 

 Our yellow creative table had a pink makeover this week. Colour mixing to make pink, paper plate pink pig masks, and painted pink pigs. 

In maths this week, we have used our subitising (seeing how many without counting) for more complex arrangements, and we are now recognising sub-groups within larger numbers. We have played dice-based games using a number track, which helps us to link numbers to the quantities on a die.

Our traditional tale for next week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Not a huffing and puffing wolf in sight - thank goodness!