Goldilocks, the 3 Bears and Covid Visit Our Class

It has been an interesting week in our Bears classroom, with numbers dwindling as the week progressed. For those that have stayed well and in school, we have continued our Traditional Tales topic with the Goldilocks and Three Bears story. 

At the beginning of the week, we wrote about our World Book day costumes. The Bears love to look through their writing books before they start their work and I look forward to sharing these with you. It is so fantastic to see their progress.

We finished writing our Three Pigs storybooks, and we are in the process of recording the children reading these to share with you on Tapestry. We have also made patterns in porridge oats and sequenced the Goldilocks story with pictures on a story map. 

Our focus in maths was the stable order principle - rehearsing the order of numbers and understanding that the position that each number holds does not change. We have built towers from interlocking cubes and matched these to numeral cards and the Numberblock characters. We linked our maths to the Goldilocks story by counting up and down a staircase with Goldilocks and using our capacity language to fill containers with porridge oats.

In the creative area we have built loose parts bears with natural materials and made stick puppet characters using paint and collage materials. We will use our puppets to support our Goldilocks and the Three Bears story telling.

We were very lucky to have a bright sunny afternoon in the copse on Thursday. We explored the copse searching for bears and we sat around the campfire making and eating porridge. No bears ate OUR porridge, thank goodness!

Next week we continue our learning with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with my fingers crossed for good health and a return to school for the Bears that have been poorly.