Super Storytellers

We have continued our Traditional Tale learning this week with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It has been fantastic to see the children retell the story with confidence, using character voices and story vocabulary in role-play, the small world, with their puppets and story maps.

On Friday we made and tasted porridge. We made sure it wasn't too hot or too cold, and for some it was just right but for others it wasn't right at all! We talked about the appearance, taste and texture of the porridge and used our phonics to write some sentences to describe it. 

In the construction area, we have used different toys to make new furniture for the three bears - they need it, with Goldilocks the destroyer making visits to Bear Cottage.  The children designed and built beds and chairs, thinking about the different sizes of the bears and building large, medium and small furniture.

In the creative area we are beginning to paint with more detail, by observing and thinking more carefully about shape and colour. These Bear Cottage paintings are similar but still unique in their own special way. I have hung them across the classroom, and they make the classroom look bright and cheery.

The practical split-pin character activity was a bigger challenge. We needed patience, resilience, with careful scissor and fine motor skills to complete it. 

Next week our new traditional tale is Little Red Riding Hood - the wolf returns!