Little Red Riding Hood and a very odd week

A new week and a new traditional tale - Little Red Riding Hood. Sadly I was not in school (COVID got me) to deliver the learning that I planned and had made resources for. But fortunately the dream team of Mrs Amos, Mrs Chandler and Miss Lampard were, and what a great job they did!

On our writing table we wrote labels to describe Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. This week we will use our descriptive vocabulary to create wanted posters to capture the wolf. We can't have a wolf wandering around tricking Grandmas.

In maths, our focus was the understanding of composition, or the numbers within numbers. The key focus explored ways to represent numbers using the die pattern. The children used die patterns to represent numbers and used their subitising skills to explore pairs of numbers. Once the children can compose and decompose numbers mentally, they will become fluent in their knowledge of number bonds and will be able to use these when calculating in key stage one and two.

In our creative area, we drew some still life observational drawings of fruit in a fruit bowl. First, the class drew the fruit independently using coloured pencils. Then later in the week, they repeated the activity with adult support to observe more carefully and add details. This time they used pastels to add colour. We will use our new observational drawing skills to create flowers this week.

The Bears were very busy creating and writing gifts for Mother's Day.  We hope you love our celery stamped cards, and marshmallow and tissues flowers we created for you. This was a top secret mission, so we didn't share anything on Tapestry. 

Apologies again for the cancellation of our parents evening appointments. We will reschedule for after the Easter holidays. It's our last week before the Easter break, so we have a fun mix of Little Red Riding Hood and Easter activities ahead.