The Bears have Greenfingers

This week, the Bears were introduced to the story of The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. 

In the classroom, our role-play area became a florist and on our small world area we created flower arrangements. 

Outside we have started to grow some fruit, vegetables, and plants. We have also planted some sunflower seeds and over the coming weeks we will work together to care for all of our plants. 

With our natural loose parts we worked in groups to create flower beds inside the classroom. The Bears love being creative with these materials.

We have explored flowers through close observation with magnifying glasses, and constructed real flowers to label the parts of a flowering plant - root, stem, leaf, flower and petal. 

In the writing area we finished our mini diaries for Jasper's Beanstalk, wrote speech bubbles for our beanstalk art work, and matched captions to the illustrations from The Tiny Seed. 

In maths, we have consolidated our understanding of the composition of numbers by investigating the numbers within 7. For example, through part-part-whole relations we can see that 7 can be made of 5 and 2. A key focus was partitioning 7 (splitting it into parts) and thinking about the missing part. Games, songs and practical experiences, help us to deepen our understanding and this week we investigated through the number of ducks on a pond.

We are so proud of the progress the Bears have made since they joined us in September and, it was so lovely to finally share our classroom and work with you all during our parents evenings appointments last week. 

Next week, we will continue our journey with The Tiny Seed.