Lots of Vegetables but no Enormous Turnips

Our story of the week was The Enormous Turnip but who knew that turnips (not even enormous ones) were impossible to find.

This week we have explored vegetables, using our senses to help us describe and name them. Then we washed, peeled and chopped more vegetables (still no turnips) to make a vegetable soup. Finally, we served and tasted the soup, some of us loved it and some disliked it lots!

On the writing table, we created a leaflet on how to be a seed, so that the seeds may grow into beautiful flowers. The Bears used the illustrations in the book to help them write sentences using their phonics to give advice. We have worked on reading and writing tricky words, and we are so pleased to see these being used correctly.

Other pieces of writing this week included updating our bean diaries, labelling a picture of the characters in the enormous turnip story, and writing a speech bubble of what one of the characters might say. We looked at how exclamation marks were used in the story, and we tried to include one in our speech bubble writing.

Our Eric Carle inspired artwork of the Tiny Seed has finally been completed, and it was worth the wait. They really are quite beautiful. The children recreated the speckled effect of the front cover by splatter painting, first with paintbrush flicks for the larger splatters, then smaller spots with a toothbrush. Next, they cut leaves and petals, and tore stems from crêpe paper, and added these collage materials to their paintings. Finally, they painted tiny seeds in the centre of the flower. 

Now we are in the process of creating some vegetable garden art. We are building a scene with different art media to show root vegetables under the ground and above it. It is our first time painting with watercolours. 

In maths, we have been sorting objects according to different criteria. The Bears were encouraged to notice different attributes in groups of objects - such as colour, size or function - and to describe what they noticed. Later in the week, we used our previous experience of investigating doubles to practically explore even and odd numbers, using Numberblocks characters and Numicon.  

You will have noticed from Tapestry, that we sent the Bears home with a set of doubles dominoes they made in school. We thought the dominoes would enable the children to share their doubles learning with you at home. We added a label to the bag with the stem sentences that we encourage them to use to describe the double - 2 and 2 make 4, double 2 is 4. 

Outside, the sunshine has kept us very busy looking after our plants, flowers and fruits. We planted our beans into pots and every child has a sunflower shoot now growing. We even have some small green strawberries appearing. 

Next week, we celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and explore the story of The Queen's Hat by Steve Antony.