A Busy Week Filled With Caterpillars, Sports, Sun and Ice Lollies

We are having a lovely final half-term together, filled with lots of fun, new and exciting things to do. This week it was our first sports day at school and next week we will take our first school trip to Barleylands Farm.

In the classroom, our caterpillars are growing so fast and on Friday evening, two were hanging on the lid ready to make cocoons.

Outside our beans and sunflowers have been under attack from 'a pesky crow'. We have repotted many of them twice this week, but the crow seems to enjoy shredding leaves, pulling the plants from pots and flying off with our pots. We have found them on the canopy and classroom roof and even in the car park. After a couple of evenings of bringing them inside (with the help of Mr Dale), we decided that their best hope of survival was to send them home. 

This week we have continued with The Very Hungry Caterpillar story and on our blue table we are writing our own version of the story. The children are thinking of their own sentence, saying it aloud, then using their phonics to write their sentence, and finally reading their writing back to an adult. They are beginning to spot where they have missed a capital letter, full stop or formed a letter incorrectly, and will edit their work. 

On our yellow table, we created butterflies by applying paint with a spoon to one side of a butterfly, then we folded the paper, pressed gently, and opened it carefully to reveal a beautiful symmetrical butterfly. We also printed more caterpillars (with marshmallows this time), and added legs, antennae, eyes and noses (we almost forgot the noses). Next week, we are going to paint large fruits, for our caterpillars to munch their way through.

We used our practical skills to paint, cut and thread leaves. Then we made fine motor bead caterpillars to sit on them.

With construction materials, we built cocoons to wrap around our repeating pattern caterpillars. Some of us had to tweak our designs to make sure our caterpillars were safe and protected inside the cocoon. We also learnt that Magnetic Polydron does not like to be carried across the classroom to show an adult.

On Wednesday, we were very excited to have our first sports day at school. The Bears were superstars. They listened well, followed instructions, encouraged their friends and demonstrated good sportsmanship. It was a super afternoon and made even better by the support we received from our families. Thank you!