My Family

This week we have created and shared our own families, while reading The Large Family stories by Jill Murphy. Poor Mrs Large, she can't even have just five minutes' peace. 

On our practical table, we created loose parts families, using stones, shells, leaves, sticks and petals. The Bears' creations were stunning, we even had some loose part family pets.

We made family portraits with our play people inside a frame, and in our creative area, we drew pictures of our families, which will be displayed in lolly stick house frames we have made.

In our role play area, we have acted out familiar experiences within a family kitchen - washing up, setting a table and making a meal etc.  We are learning to take turns, share and tidy up! 

We are trying really hard in our phonics sessions, and have now learnt s, a, t, p, i, n and m. With each new sound we explore the letter formation in an interesting way. We painted 'i' with our index finger and indigo paint, wrote 'n' in a notebook with a navy crayon while wearing a necklace, and painted 'm' on a mirror with maroon paint.

In maths, the Bears were encouraged to say how many there were in a small group of objects by 'just seeing', without the need to count - this is subitising. 

We have done lots of showing the number on our fingers - when making our own arrangements to be subitised and identifying 2s and 3s in different arrangements.

A reminder that phonics keyrings and the yellow reading record books should be sent into school each day, and the book to share must be returned on Fridays to be exchanged - thank you.

If you have any queries or questions, please email or speak to me at the classroom door.