More Fun with Funnybones

Funnybones was back this week for more fun learning and play. The Bears have been wonderfully engaged with the story, and can sequence the events, and join in with story language. 

On our writing table, we created a new page for the book, and made our own Funnybones concertina book by sequencing illustrations from the story. We learnt that speech bubbles tell us what the characters say, so we could tell Mrs Jones what the Big Skeleton and Little Skeleton would say in the scene we had drawn. 

In phonics, our new sounds were r, h, and b. We made the r shape in rice to reveal a rainbow, highlighted h wearing a helmet, and painted b with blue, black and brown paint. 

In our creative area, we practised drawing skeletons on chalkboards before moving to chalk on black paper. Our skeletons are fantastic, and we will display them in our book corner window to share with you.








We have been learning about the body through the Funnybones story, and this week we worked in teams to arrange laminated bones into a full-sized skeleton. We are beginning to identify and name the bones inside the body, so we worked together to label our skeleton.

On construction, we built large loose part skeleton characters from the story with log rounds, sticks and other natural materials. 

In maths, we built on our subitising skills as we continue to use 'perceptual subitising' (instant recognition) by saying the number of sounds without needing to count. We were encouraged to look closely at small quantities to say whether the quantity had changed and show this number in different ways on our fingers. We rolled a die, then found a matching number in a set of subitising cards, and we played subitising bingo with friends.

We investigated the shapes made by Numberblock 4.  We copied patterns with multilink cubes and worked in groups to build large shapes with 4 pieces of coloured card. 

Next week is Supertato, parents evenings, and our Harvest Festival. We will be ready for our October half-term break.